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I Made A New Video!

This was such a fun video to make!

Featured Cosplays in order of appearance:
Gryffindor Student from Harry Potter
Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Pikachu from Pokemon
Generic anime school girl
A random Safari outfit
And Umaru-chan from Himouto! Umaru-chan

Make your own version and link it in the video comments!
Sasha Spin

Happy V-Day!

I forgot to post this here last year!
I finally finished Benny Bunny! My first male suit.
I got tired of scary Easter rabbits, so I made my own.

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Caramell Dansen

It's Been A Lonnnng Time... How Have You Been?

A friend and I recently completed a commission/collab project for her and I wanted to share!
Presenting Mangle (aka Toy Foxy) from Five Nights at Freddy's!

My friend, Tika, and I made this fursuit as a collab project for her.
I made the head, hand-paws, cut out and pinned the body, did the tail pattern, hand sewed the pink parts on the body and tail, and also painted the toenails.
Tika machine sewed the body, hand-stitched the tail together, and painted the teeth and feet. :3 She's my sewing machine whiz and is doing a good job learning how to fursuit. :D

The plastic on the follow-me eyes are the plastic packaging chocolate oranges come in with a buckram hidden vent at the top (eyelid).
Her nose is foam, coated in tool dip with a hidden squeaker inside. Yes, she can honk her nose at you. It's pretty cute.

Check out my channel for other fursuiting videos and feel free to ask any questions!

*This video will be cross-posted to Tika's channel as well at a later date.
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Caramell Dansen

Sugar Wolf Dancing Silliness!

My friends and I went out to eat on Halloween of last year, and I finally got around to editing this video to upload! :D

It's not -REALLY- a fursuit, it was my Halloween costume last year, but Sugar Wolf may become a character in my videos, especially if I can figure out a way to articulate the jaws.
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recent duck

finally finished one!

hey, almost forgot to put this on LJ.
shot this a couple years ago, sat on it for a while until I finally found the right soundtrack, edited it for about 2 years (lol, long story)
hope you enjoy it! it was so fun to make & edit!
"Animals In The Park"

videocamera that follows you: possible tool for fursuit videos

Was at YouTube today and wandered across video for videocamera thingy that I thought might be useful for some fursuit-videos.

"Automatically points your camera at you" (text from kickstarter)
"after an initial two step pairing process with a Tag which the subject wears." (text from

Apparently doesn't work from a moving vehicle, (according to
but I'm hoping it could be combined with a camera-person:
perhaps camera-person could follow fursuiter around and the SoloShot could hopefully tilt, rotate and zoom as normal.

bowling, Marymouse

The Magic of Fursuiting II

This is the much-anticipated continuation of "The Magic of Fursuiting" - in this edition I combine some of my best archival fursuiting footage with still photos and short soundbyte clips from local fursuiters explaining what the "Magic of Fursuiting" means to them.

Ever since I joined the fandom in 2008, my goal has been to show the furry fandom, and particularly fursuiting, in a positive light.

This video is a celebration of the wonderful "magic" that happens when ordinary people put on animal costumes and bring happiness and joy to others, particularly children.  Fursuit performers have an amazing ability to brighten the world around them, and make the days of everyone they interact with even just a little better than before - and that is a very magical thing :)

I hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to share it with others in our wonderful fandom and beyond!

Thanks to Uck, Skyan, and NitroShep for taking the time to be featured in the video!

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