May 16th, 2016

Caramell Dansen

It's Been A Lonnnng Time... How Have You Been?

A friend and I recently completed a commission/collab project for her and I wanted to share!
Presenting Mangle (aka Toy Foxy) from Five Nights at Freddy's!

My friend, Tika, and I made this fursuit as a collab project for her.
I made the head, hand-paws, cut out and pinned the body, did the tail pattern, hand sewed the pink parts on the body and tail, and also painted the toenails.
Tika machine sewed the body, hand-stitched the tail together, and painted the teeth and feet. :3 She's my sewing machine whiz and is doing a good job learning how to fursuit. :D

The plastic on the follow-me eyes are the plastic packaging chocolate oranges come in with a buckram hidden vent at the top (eyelid).
Her nose is foam, coated in tool dip with a hidden squeaker inside. Yes, she can honk her nose at you. It's pretty cute.

Check out my channel for other fursuiting videos and feel free to ask any questions!

*This video will be cross-posted to Tika's channel as well at a later date.
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