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fursuit_videos's Journal

Fursuit Videos
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A place to show off and find G to PG-13 videos featuring fursuits
Welcome to Fursuit Videos, A place to show off and find G to PG-13 videos featuring fursuits. This community was created due to the large number of new videos and music videos made by the fandom's many fursuiters. Problem is their spread out into many different places. My hope for this community is to display them all in one place so that everyone can see the awesome creativity that is being put on YouTube by our own fandom, and that no video is missed. Also hopefully this will encourage more videos to be created as well.

Remember all videos must be rated G to PG-13. I'm sure as this continues there will be more rules put in place but for now enjoy, have fun, and feel free to contribute as many videos as you want.

Here are two different ways you can display videos on Fursuit Videos.

First there's everyone's favorite, YouTube...
YouTube is pretty simple, just go to http://www.youtube.com and create an account. Once you have done that click Upload on the top right of the site and the rest is self explanatory. Then once the video is uploaded to YouTube, just go to that video and copy the embed code, then paste it here in the community.

Next we have Timduru's Fursuit Archive...
which is offering to host fursuit videos, and provide a safer way to make sure videos don't get lost if YouTube decided to do some house cleaning.

First go to http://fursuit.timduru.org/

(upload only if it's fursuit or costumes /mascots related, videos from conventions, your personal creations, commercial stores or misc sources )
All content will be screened before it's put effectively online.

- Connect to the ftp

- If necessary create a directory with the name of the event if it's related to an event (check first if it's not already created). Go into that directory.

- Create a directory using the name you want to be used for the listing.

- Upload your pictures or videos in there

- You can also upload a text file giving out more information, contact infos, remarks, links to your website etc ... if needed

Once you are done uploading or if you don't have the ftp infos email timduru
(remove the [])

Ok, so send in more of those great videos and we'll keep watching them.